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Why Is The Elevator To Be Maintained?

- Jul 03, 2017 -

Ladder performance and operating status is good, affecting the use of elevator efficiency and quality of service, related to the safety of passengers. So passengers in the elevator, very concerned about the operation of the elevator and maintenance status.

In modern hotels, restaurants, elevators are second only to the power supply, water supply, heating and air conditioning system after the fifth in the important equipment. In the non-air conditioning season, the elevator service in fourth place. For the new guests, the elevator has become the third aspect of their attention after the appearance of the hotel building and the service facilities in public places. When the guests came to the waiting hall, they are concerned about the elevator to wait for a long time, some guests will move from time to time footsteps, observe which elevator can first stop. Into the car, they are very attention to the selection of the button is easy to use, car lighting is intact, whether the door is closed, the car is running smoothly, comfortable. If the button is not sensitive, the car door is noisy, running is not smooth, or leveling is not good, even if the elevator is safe, guests will be psychologically disturbed. Even the car inside the clean condition is not good, will also affect the guests of the elevator system as a whole impression, and thus affect the hotel's image and reputation.

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