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What Is The Function Of The Elevator Air Conditioning Air Conditioning What Is Good For The Elevator

- Jul 03, 2017 -

Elevator air conditioning can not be directly to the condensate into the elevator shaft, coupled with the installation space and some other factors, so the structure and layout of the elevator has its own characteristics, the current elevator air conditioning are mostly strong way, In fact, its working principle and home air conditioning is similar, are by the refrigeration compressor, condenser, capillary and evaporator and auxiliary equipment and other components, the use of refrigeration or steam compression refrigeration. The compressor can compress the low pressure refrigerant vapor into high temperature and high pressure steam, then into the finned tube condenser for cooling, while the outdoor side of the axial fan will continue to force the air through the condenser, and the condenser air Of the heat away, the high-pressure steam condensed into a high-pressure liquid by the condenser, the capillary throttling step by step, in the step-down treatment into the fin tube evaporator vaporization, are known to the physical role of vaporization endothermic, vaporization After the centrifugal fan can flow through the evaporator, the air can be cooled, the cold air is blown from the centrifugal fan to the room, so as to continue to circulate the role of indoor air to achieve the purpose of cooling.

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