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What Are The Common Faults Of The Elevator Machinery System?

- Jul 03, 2017 -

① due to poor lubrication or lubrication system failure will cause parts of the transmission parts of the heat burns and axles, resulting in rolling or sliding parts of the parts and was forced to stop repair.

② did not carry out daily inspection and maintenance, failed to check the parts found in the transmission, rolling and sliding parts of the parts of the wear and wear conditions, failed to wear according to the degree of the correct repair of parts, resulting in damage to parts Forced to stop repair.

③ due to the elevator during the operation of the vibration caused by fastening bolts, so that parts displacement, loss of the original accuracy, and can not be repaired in time, resulting in grinding, touch, crashed mechanical parts were forced to stop repair.

④ because the elevator balance coefficient and the standard is too far from the difference caused by overloading the elevator car squatting or red roof, when the speed limiter and safety gear action to force the elevator to stop running, waiting for repair.

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