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The Function Of Hospital Lift

- May 11, 2018 -


Hospital Lift For Sale - FUJI Elevator

According to function the elevators in hospital sickroom building can be divided into two types -to transport people or goods.

The people in a sickroom building includes patients, visitors, medical staff, logistical service personnel. The goods to be transported by hospital elevators include medical apparatus and instruments, meals for patients, medical garbage, bedclothes. These goods can be divided into two categories: clean or soiled matter.

How to plan the use function and time of the hospital lifts reasonably is very important to maintain the normal working order in the sickroom building.

In order to solve the problem of transportation of critical patients in the sickroom building, it is recommended to open a "green" elevator especially. The "green" elevator can be used normally when there is no critical patient. Once there is a critical patient who needs to be transported, the authorized personnel can use a swipe card on any floor. Then the "green"elevator will arrive at the designated floor to pick up the patient and complete the transportation at the first time.

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