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Rational Planning Of The Elevators' Function In Hospital

- May 18, 2018 -


In the elevator lobby of hospital outpatient building or ward building, there is a usually busy flow of people and material. If the waiting time for people to take an elevator is too long, it is easily to make them feel anxious and even to take the wrong elevator.

In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to make statistics, forecast and analysis of passenger flow and logistics in hospital, so as to rationally plan the function of elevators in hospital.

1.  Set up special elevators for operation(FUJI Hospital Bed Elevator), for clean matter, for soiled matter (FUJI Goods Elevator)or for patients and staff(FUJI Passenger Elevator).

2.  If there are many floors in hospital buildings, elevators can be divided as high area elevators and low area elevators to complete transportation in different section. They can also be divided as odd number floor elevators and even number floor elevators. It will be avoided the layer by layer stop for each elevator, as to save waiting time.

3.  During the rush hour, the special elevator for operation can be  temporarily adjusted to transport the hospital staff.

4.  According to the characteristics of transport, sanitation requirements, the elevators in hospital should be set for different function to transport people and materials separately.

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