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Maintenance And Maintenance Of Elevator Traction Wheels

- Jul 03, 2017 -

For our cost requirements, the elevator traction wheel replacement need to have a certain standard, so that both to ensure the safety, but also reasonable expenses, then the elevator traction wheel on the main replacement criteria, today for everyone to elaborate:

Even if only one rope in the rope out of the exposed part of the rope and the rope surface is flat (normally should be protruding), should replace the traction wheel; if the car is not normal vibration is due to the wear of the rope groove should be replaced If the sheave is worn and the rope is slipping, the leveling accuracy is poor and the traction wheel should be replaced.

Up high-speed operation, the emergency stop to see the rope in the above slide distance, not the brake distance, the general low-speed ladder in the following 1.5 meters to see the situation, if the traction slot in the end to change, or Close to the end

The main replacement standard for the elevator traction wheel is this, and we have to make a reasonable operation according to the instructions, so that the performance can be fully demonstrated.

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