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Keep Elevator Far From Collision

- Jan 18, 2018 -

After installation, there are four parts of an elevator would be collided accidentally: landing door, light curtain (safety edge ) ,landing call panel and the car.

1. Collision may cause the deformation of landing door, pulley, slider or track. All of these deformations can lead to the failure of closing the door. If the door can't close then the elevator couldn't run.

2. Since the safety edge and the light curtain are important safety devices to protect passengers from being clamped by door, so after the damages are caused by collision , they must be replaced in time.

3. If the collision of the car is very serious , the guide shoe of the elevator can be misaligned. The guide shoe and the safety gear must be adjusted before the normal running.

4.The collision of the landing call panel may cause it's failure. Then it need to be replaced.

Elevator is a kind of sensitive vehicle. Any collision can result in serious consequences . Therefore , after collision it is necessary to call for the maintenance personnel to check , adjust and replace the accessories.

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