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How To Install The Elevator Steps And Methods

- Jul 03, 2017 -

①Install the base frame (base) Use the tower crane to lift the elevator foundation on the elevator foundation, leveling the standard section interface with the leveling instrument, and filling the gap between the frame and the foundation, and then tighten the anchor bolts.

②, the bottom of the three sections of the rail frame (standard section) of the installation of the first three sections of the standard section in the ground assembled together, with the tower crane hanging on the infrastructure interface, with the instrument to adjust the vertical degree (1/1000), tighten the connection Bolts, tightening torque of 350N.M. Construction lift accessories offer construction elevator accessories offer elevator base and base section installed in place, you can assemble the cage, adjust the vertical cage door width (1/1000), so that the cage door up and down to open flexible.

④, ladder cage installation

After installing the six cushion springs on the frame, lift the ladder cage with the tower crane and slowly place it on the standard section and place it on the cushion spring.

⑤, the installation of the drive device

Release the brake on the motor: first remove the two cotter pin, remove the front, in the nut opening to make a mark, easy to tighten the two nuts after the reset, be sure to make the two nuts parallel to the spin, straight to the brake release , Can be free to pull the brake disc so far. You can also use the wedge block to open the motor brake device, so that the brake release.

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