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How To Deal With Some Of The Common Emergency Fault Of The Passer

- Jul 03, 2017 -

The fire is anywhere can not be avoided, when the floor of the fire, the stairs of the engine room on duty staff should immediately try to press the "fire switch", so that the elevator into the fire running state. Call the project and call 119 telephone alarm.

In the case of fire in the hoistway or in the car, the service should be stopped immediately and the fire extinguisher should be used for the fire extinguisher. At the same time, call the project department. If the fire is more fierce should call 119 telephone alarm, in order to ensure high-rise buildings within the staff and property safety

The delivery of the elevator is subject to immersion

When the floor is flooded, the transfer elevator should be parked on the flooded floor, and then disconnect the power switch and immediately turn off the power switch. Organize personnel to plug the water source, the water is blocked after the dehumidification treatment, such as hot air dry. Test the insulation resistance with a shaking table. When the standard is reached, After the test ladder normal, can be put into use.

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