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How To Choose Hospital Elevator

- Apr 24, 2018 -


To choose a hospital elevator, the following issues should be considered first:

1. Comfortable Environment

Whether to install elevator air conditioning? It should be considered the patient's comfortable request to the elevator environment. At present, for large hospitals it is general to install air conditionings in hospital elevators.

2. Safety System

Whether is there a dual safety system? (double safety gear/ double action safety gear/ bi-directional over-speed governor)

3. emergency measures

In case of power failure, emergency measures should be taken so that patients and other people can be evacuated quickly from hospital elevators.

4. Cost-effective

Considering both investment cost and operation cost, hospital elevator should be cost-effective.

5. Applicability

It's necessary to take safety and practicality as the basic principle of choice. For example, it generally adopts side-opening door for hospital elevator to save space.

6. Machine Roomless Hospital Elevator

Considering the convenience of design and construction, we can choose machine roomless hospital elevator.

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