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FUJI New Type Explosion-Proof Freight Elevator

- May 25, 2018 -


To suit for hazardous area locations with explosive gas and dust, FUJI Elevator Company launched new product series of explosion-proof freight elevator.

FUJI new type Explosion-Proof Freight Elevator is designed conforming to strict national security standards to fully meet the needs of a variety of harsh place.

The new product series has 1000-3200KG explosion-proof freight elevator production license and relevant industry explosion permit. With full consideration to the environment conditions and the user 's feelings, FUJI new type explosion-proof freight is designed to achieve the perfect combination of safety and practical.

FUJI New Type Explosion-Proof Freight Features:

Aluminum alloy control cabinet >> convenient and green

Flexible arrangements of machine room >> less construction layout demand

Explosion-proof form >> Ex·d[ib]·II·BT4·Gb, flameproof and intrinsically safe

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