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Elevator Leveling Device

- Jul 03, 2017 -

(1) Insulation plate type: As shown in Figure 5-3, by the three mounted on top of the car

The permanent magnet induction switches SG, MG and XG (upper layer sensor, door sensor and lower level sensor) and the magnetism board (see Figure 2-4 in Figure 5-4) mounted on the car track dedicated bracket.

Permanent magnet induction relay is composed of U-shaped permanent magnet, reed switch, reed switch in the permanent contact under the action of magnet, into a normally open point, iron into the middle of the sensor, short circuit, so dry The reed contacts return to the normally closed state and become normally open when the diaphragm is removed. So as to achieve the purpose of controlling the relay on and off.

(2) Circular permanent magnet type. It consists of a bistable switch (see Figure 5-5) mounted on the cartop and a circular magnet mounted on the hoistway bracket. As can be seen from Fig. 5 to Fig. 5, two magnets (2), which are of relatively opposite magnetic properties, are provided on the reed switch so that the contacts in the reed can be maintained in the existing state, Pull up. Only by the external polar magnetic field when the role of the state will be pulled by the external polar magnetic field when the role of disconnected. E.g,. When the bistable switch and fixed in the shaft of the magnet in the reed tube in the external magnetic field when the contact is in the S-pole encounter, through the bistable switch N-magnetic pole is very small.

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