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Elevator Grid Regulation Model To Promote

- Jul 03, 2017 -

This year, the city of Quality Supervision Bureau to actively promote the new model of supervision, to build a "grid to grid, to be set to people, people post, to the post responsibility" elevator safety supervision network, the initial implementation of the fixed area, Responsibility of the regulatory mechanism, firmly in charge of special equipment safety supervision. At present, all the county (city) districts have carried out the elevator safety grid regulation, according to the district location distribution of 97 regulatory responsibility area.

According to the introduction, the model clearly put the district owners on behalf of the elevator safety supervision system, the introduction of property units, maintenance units, inspection agencies, monitoring agencies, grassroots special equipment safety and owners on behalf of "six in one" elevator safety supervision new model The In accordance with the model, the property management unit to inspect the elevator every day, the elevator abnormal situation, the timely elimination of elevator accidents, and the development of emergency measures and rescue plans, regular organization of the exercise; maintenance units to carry out regular maintenance, to ensure that the responsibility area of the elevator Safe operation, the establishment of 24-hour maintenance on duty phone, the elevator at least once a year to check their own; inspection personnel in strict accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and technical specifications, standards, carry out the elevator inspection and testing work; quality supervision departments to supervise the inspection elevator The use of management, to ensure the legitimate use of elevators.

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