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Classification Of Elevator

- Dec 18, 2017 -

Classification Of Elevator

All kinds of elevators can be classified as follows according to its different uses:

1.    Passenger Elevator

It is mainly used to transport passengers on public occasions such as residential buildings, office buildings, hotels or restaurants. So the requirements for interior decoration of cars and the operation comfort are high. It should have good lighting and ventilation facilities. The derived varieties include home elevators, observation elevators, etc.

2.    Freight Elevator

It is mainly used to transport goods and the personnel who is responsible to unload the goods. So the freight elevator's structure should be solid enough to load and unload goods. Due to the heavy load, the running speed should be low.

3.    Hospital Bed Elevator

It is mainly used in hospital to transport patients and medical instruments. So the depth dimension of the car is more than 2.4m and bigger than its width dimension in order to accommodate hospital beds. Also the elevator should be smooth operation, low noise and high level of accuracy.

4.    Dumbwaiter Lift

This is a kind of elevator to transport small pieces. In order to prevent personal accidents, it is strictly prohibited to transport  people. Therefore, the car's dimension is smaller than other types of elevator.

5.    Car Elevator

It's a kind of elevator which is used to transport cars.

6.    Elevator For Special Purpose

In addition to the normal use elevators mentioned above, there are also elevators for some special purpose, such as cold storage elevators, explosion-proof elevators, mine elevators, power station elevators, firemen's elevators and so on.

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